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Service Description

Psychic Services

Let Nadia user her psychic gift to help you live a happier life!  Her insight and clairvoyance allow her to be a talented life coach, adviser, and counseler.  Find out about your past, present, and future!  Whatever your problem in life, Psychic Nadia can help.

Psychic Reading

Nadia's most popular reading!  She can help you with family issues, health problems, career choices, financial decisions and more.  She offers guidance that will reduce your stress level and put you back on to the right path!

Can by done in person or by phone.
$60/reading  (takes about 1 hour)

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading - image by mvorobiev / 123RF Stock PhotoFind out what the tarot cards say about your past, present, and future!  Get details on love, relationships, career, and finances.  Many people use tarot card readings as a tool for spiritual introspection.  By reflecting on your past and getting a glimpse of your potential future, you will find it's easier to take a fresh look at your life.  Clear your mind and focus on the information you receive from your tarot card reading to discover which path you should take in life.

Can by done in person or by phone.
$50/reading  (takes 30-45 minutes)


Are your loved ones trying to contact you from the other side?  Find out for sure and don't miss an important message!

Can by done in person or by phone.
$100/hour  (may need 3-4 hours of work)

Clairvoyant Reading

A guided energy reading that allows Nadia to see your future.  Find out about love, family, friends, career, health, and more with Nadia's insightful clairvoyant reading! 

Can by done in person or by phone.
$100/reading  (takes 1 - 1½ hours of work)

Pet Psychic

Pet Psychic, dog, cat, bird, fish, guinea pig, mouse, ferret, rabbitPets are like members of the family, but since they can't talk it can be very difficult to figure out what is wrong with them.  When a vet can't help you, Nadia can!  Let Nadia communicate with your furry (or scaley or feathered) friend and find out what is going on with them.  She can help resolve your pet problems for good. Whether it's behavioural, emotional, physical, or an illness; Nadia will help you understand what is going on with your pet and do her best to resolve the issue.

You must bring your pet to me.

Tea Leaves Reading

A Tea Leaves Reading will give you information about yourself, your emotions, and health. It can tell you about your past, present, and your future. It can even tell you about any enemies that you might have and give you information about people close to you.

Must be done in person.
$85/reading  (takes 1 hour)

Palm Reading

Palm Reading or Palmistry is practiced all over the world.  It is used to evaluate your character or future by studying the palm of your hand.  The heart line tells your emotions about love (whether you fall in love easily, express your feelings well, are content in love, etc.).  The head line represents your learning style, communication approach, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge.  Find out if your line is associated with creativity and spontaneity or with practicality and a structured approach.  The life line reflects physical health, general well being, and major life changes such as cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and relocations.  The fate line (or line of destiny) indicates the degree to which your life is affected by external circumstances beyond your control.

Must be done in person.
$40/reading  (takes 30 minutes)