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Service Description

Psychic Tools

There are a variety of helpful tools that Nadia uses in her work.  These tools are used to enhances and focus her abilities.  Some tools are useful for her clients to have to help them heal, resolve problems in their life, bring them love, even provide protection.

Crystals & Stones

Colorful stones, gems - gow27 / 123RF Stock PhotoCrystals, stones, and gems are created from the hot magma which makes up the center of the Earth.  Over thousands of years of cooling, gradual movement and the addition of dust, sand, chemicals, and acid create stones of all colors, shapes, and sizes.  The therapeutic use of stones dates back to ancient civilizations.  They have been used to heal disease, protect people from evil spirits, releive pain, and as talismans in ritals and ceremonies.


Candle FlameCandles are used during meditation to help focus spiritual energy.  As fire is a strong element in nature, focuing on the flame of a candle often helps to acheive a deep meditative state.  Candles infused with specific essential oils and colors can be used to help with Chakra Balancing.  Pure beeswax candles help to naturally clean impurities out of the air and provide a deep connection with nature. 

Chakra Bowls

These are also called singing bowls and use harmonics, healing sounds, and chakra frequencies to help blance the chakras.  They are a very effective tool in alternative healing.